EEDI Studio is an Irish design practice specialising in creating spaces and objects which enhance wellbeing.

Founded by Eavan English, and based between Dublin and Cork, the studio has a strong reputation in the commercial, residential and hospitality sectors.

Based on the principles of authenticity and enduring quality, the studio is driven to design beautiful spaces that are a seamless blend of simplicity and function.

At the heart of EEDI studio is a love of natural materials, craft and an appreciation of detail. From concept stage to full delivery, each design is open and collaborative, working alongside clients and craftspeople to bring elegance to life. The studio prides itself on listening attentively to the needs of each space and project to deliver tailored design solutions which enhance the human experience.

“Good design can help us to make meaning of our lives and the way we want to live them” – Eavan English















About Eavan

Eavan English is an Irish designer (and curator) with a passion for the role design can play in enhancing our wellbeing. As the founder of EEDI studio she is inspired to create spaces where people can think, feel and gather with ease, and she designs furniture and objects which are a blend of function and beauty.

Underpinning her practice is a love of craftsmanship, the natural world and art, each of which informs her deep understanding of what makes a space feel alive with light and comfort.

Growing up on a farm in rural North Cork it was the outdoors where her education design first began. Roaming the hills and farmlands, she developed a keen appreciation of light, colour and texture while also gaining an appreciation of the sustainability and fragility of our natural world.

Eavan established EEDI studio in 2008 as a way of bringing her artistic and design skills, her study of psychology and her love of the natural world together. With over 15 years in the design industry she has also gained the project management and relationship management skills required to bring complex projects to fruition. From concept stage to project delivery, she has established a strong practice in the hospitality industry as well as creating beautifully crafted residential homes in Ireland and the UK. Her values of sustainability and craftsmanship are carried through each design-  from her interior spaces to her growing range furniture and objects.