Design Services

At EEDI studio we are committed to design for wellbeing.

We believe that good design, by helping to create authentic emotional experiences can enhance our sense of belonging.  Our approach is to consider the subtle relationships between light, texture, form, function and beauty, understanding that simplicity is often the most practical and elegant of choices in the design process.

With a love of natural materials we focus on honouring the lineage of each material we use, conscientiously incorporating as much detailing and craft as possible into each design.

Collaboration is central to our process. We value the insights, strength and innovation which comes through the honest relationships with our clients and team.

In essence, the human experience informs everything we do. We are inspired to bring design into the wider story of what makes us flourish as a society and how the places we inhabit can contribute to a healthy sense of connection and identity.

And what ultimately makes great design for us? Well, we can never quite answer that, for we believe that the best designs leave room for mystery, ease and imagination- essential qualities which inform all our products, services and spaces.

On Homes

In today’s fast paced world our homes are our sanctuaries.

It is at home where we seek to be totally at ease with ourselves, our loves and the people we invite into our lives.

Our homes are the places where memories are stored and memories are made, and so should be designed to grow with us as the patterns of our relationships change through time.

Increasingly homes are becoming blended spaces for work as well as family life. We need to move between spaces for intimacy, relaxation, domesticity and play into spaces of productivity and concentration. Design can be the link between these too, making our lives flow better and therefore making them easier.

Our homes, in that sense, become another relationship in our lives, contributing to our sense of security, wellbeing, love and belonging.